Thursday, January 2, 2014


This past year, I got to try my hand at a few commissions that came out of the marker drawings.

My cousin, Matt Barker, asked me to do drawings of all the homes they have owned over the years as a gift to his wife who is also a realtor. The result was this triptych:

detail in Crayola SuperTips

After the Marker Magic show went up, Pam Zenzola asked if I would do a drawing of their house. Since Marker Magic was still up and Pam approached me because of it, we decided to also donate part of the sale to Andrew Jackson School.

My neighbor, Jessie, asked me to do a painting of her family’s boat at their favorite vacation spot in Maine. I did not get to go to Maine for this one but by using lots of photos I was able to capture the boat on the water in Maine. Before starting the painting, I did a study drawing in markers. I showed this to Jessie and then after getting some input from her I used the study as the basis for a small painting in oil.

Study in maker