Sunday, March 10, 2013

Self Portrait-Portrait on International Women's Day

Portrait of the artist after Saul Steinberg on International Women's Day. Collaboration with the photographer James Mundie
After the last show my studio was a mess. I needed to clean up and get old work stored properly and get the studio back into a working space again. I was looking at images of artists in their studios and saw this funny one (below) of Saul Steinberg-- self portrait within a portrait.

Image via: Mondoblogo: Saul Steinberg, 1959 Photo: Inge Morath
I began thinking about what sort of self portrait I would put on a bag. Would it be realistic or a cartoon? Then I began thinking of some of the themes I am working through in my painting right now. I ended up with a pretty small paper bag that barely fit on my head but it fits with the constrictions of the titles of Mom, Wife, Employee, Artist.

Jim and I worked on the composition together. I felt that it was important that this work was done on International Woman's Day.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Architectural sketch (Divine Lorraine)

Another experiment in "drawing with film", but this time in color. I was using a low ASA positive color film manufactured by Fuji that provides extremely brilliant color, but that becomes diluted by the light of each subsequent exposure.  

The marks a return to the Divine Lorraine, which I have photographed many times. This week, my set of photographs of the Divine Lorraine on Flickr was also featured on the Eraserhood blog.