Sunday, March 10, 2013

Self Portrait-Portrait on International Women's Day

Portrait of the artist after Saul Steinberg on International Women's Day. Collaboration with the photographer James Mundie
After the last show my studio was a mess. I needed to clean up and get old work stored properly and get the studio back into a working space again. I was looking at images of artists in their studios and saw this funny one (below) of Saul Steinberg-- self portrait within a portrait.

Image via: Mondoblogo: Saul Steinberg, 1959 Photo: Inge Morath
I began thinking about what sort of self portrait I would put on a bag. Would it be realistic or a cartoon? Then I began thinking of some of the themes I am working through in my painting right now. I ended up with a pretty small paper bag that barely fit on my head but it fits with the constrictions of the titles of Mom, Wife, Employee, Artist.

Jim and I worked on the composition together. I felt that it was important that this work was done on International Woman's Day.

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