Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Painting is Home

Above the Old Surgery is home. It has joined the collection of award winning poets Pattie McCarthy and Kevin Varrone.

As a painter I manipulate globs of paint and dabs of color. I push paint, making marks with my brush or palette knife to make visual connections and create relationships between shapes. The paintings are intended to tap into emotion and give the feeling of place.

Pattie and Kevin do the same with poetry. They use words, space and punctuation to create connections between word, song, play, environment and visual art.  There are lines in some of Pattie's poems that I have read over and over. There is a painting in those lines. Her work knits together ideas about our position as women, art, and the readers connection to the written word.  Kevin's poems brim with humor. They are filled with an urban landscape expressed in word. His poems capture the atmosphere and stillness of the environment. It is that same feeling that I look for when I am deciding on my painting composition looking at a landscape.

You can read an excerpt from Kevin's latest poem here and or from his series here.

You can read excerpts of Pattie's poems here. 

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