Friday, June 8, 2012

Still life or Portrait?

Kate Kern Mundie, Hat and Camera, 24 x 16 inches, oil on panel

Can you paint a portrait of someone without painting a person? I think of this painting as a portrait of Jim instead of a still life. Jim is known by his hats and is often snapping photos with one of his cameras.

I LOVE painting hats; the shape is so nice.  The hat has some structure but also some organic form from being worn.  They seem so simple but can get complicated.


  1. it's an amazing painting and to those of us who know you and Jim, I can see that it is indeed a portrait of him in so many ways. It's the sort of thing that is personal yet reaches the view on so many other levels. What's nice about portraits that are about the person rather than "of" the person is that you can reach a wider, more receptive audience. Someone with no knowledge of the back or inside story would find this irresistible for reasons other than the ones that made you paint it. Wish I had some discretionary funds, I'd buy a lot of your work!

  2. Kate,
    There are very few people who are iconic enough to be identifiable by their fashion accessories – FDR with his cigarette holder, Groucho with his cigar and glasses (and mustache and eyebrows), Chaplin with his bowler hat. How nice that Jim is company with that group. Wonderful painting!


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