Saturday, June 2, 2012

Finishing the Work

Kate Kern Mundie, Bridge, 12 x 14 inches, oil on panel
 A painting of the Brooklyn Bridge looking at Brooklyn. 

Kate Kern Mundie, Beaver Farm late morning, 16 x 20 inches, oil on panel
A painting of Beaver Farm in Chester Co. Pennsylvania.

Unfinished paintings can sit for months in the studio. Some paintings are started en plein air at the location but cannot be finished there due to time constraints, or change in light or weather. I take photos and do sketches that I can use later to finish the painting.

The two paintings above sat in the studio for nearly a year until I felt ready to come back to them. What takes so long for me to finish some of my paintings? Sometimes I am unsure of the direction I want to take in the painting. Most of the time it's fear that I will really mess it up if I go back into it. Finishing work can be challenging; knowing when the painting is finished so you don't over work it and being willing to explore new directions that may be different than the original vision

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