Monday, January 2, 2012

Mummer's Parade 2012

New Year's Day in South PhiladelphiaMummers 2012Mummers 2012Mummers 2012Mummers 2012Happy New Year
Mummers 2012Mummers 2012Froggy wenchAlligatorBaby gatorsClown on clown
Daniel and TiffanyLord BuddhaSaintsYellow
FroggysWhat's all this, then?Clearing the debris

Mummer's Parade 2012, a set on Flickr.

The Mummer's Parade is Philadelphia's annual New Year's Day tradition — a gaudy spectacle in which blue-collar guys (and gals) bedeck themselves in feathers and sequins, strap on banjos and march up Broad Street. Mumming in Philadelphia began in the 17th century as a Christmas tradition among Irish, German and Swedish immigrants. These neighborhood-based performances eventually developed into a more organized public spectacle for welcoming the new year. Officially sanctioned by the city since New Year's Day of 1901, the Mummer's Parade is recognized as the oldest parade in America.

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