Friday, June 10, 2011

What do I Pack for a Landscape Painting Trip?

Some of my supplies laid out on the studio floor
These are some of the things I take on a plein air painting trip.

  • Hat, sun block, bug repellent!

  • Portable easel

  • Surfaces- I prefer painting on Masonite.  Pictured above are 10 x 14 inch, 8 x 16 inch, and 6 x 8 inch boards prepared with white and buff-tinted gesso.

  • Brushes of various sizes: filberts and rounds

  • Liquin - to make the paintings dry more quickly

  • Oil paints by Williamsburg, Sennelier, Schminke and Winsor Newton

  • Palette

  • Old t-shirts for paint rags and baby wipes for cleanup, jars for solvent

  • Camera

  • Sketchbook and pens

  • Milk crate on wheels to cart it all around in 

The paints in my easel box
The colors in my paint box

I do not use all these colors when I lay out my palette.  I use two of each color, a warm and a cool. For example: while we think of blue as a cool color, there are warm and cool blues. French Ultramarine Blue is cool and Cerulean Blue is warm. I change colors depending on the subject.  If it is a darker day, with a cloudy sky I might use Delft Blue instead of Ultramarine. I like Courbet Green and Turkey Umber because they can go to blue or green or brown depending on what you mix them with. Courbet Green mixed with a tiny bit of white will look blue, like ocean water; mixed with tiny bit of Naples yellow it will look green, like fir tree; or mixed with a tiny bit of raw umber it will look black or very very dark brown, like the bark of a tree.


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