Saturday, October 16, 2010


WILKES-BARRE PA – The Annual Sideshow Gathering — the world's only sideshow convention — returns to northeastern Pennsylvania with its unique blend of weirdness, nostalgia, and wonder. From November 5th through 7th, the strange and unusual take center stage when showmen and genuine sideshow freaks from across the country descend on Wilkes-Barre's The Woodlands Inn & Resort to celebrate and share the giddy thrills and forbidden mysteries of the carnival sideshow. Over the course of three days, these showfolk will walk on glass, swallow swords, eat light bulbs, attempt to break a world record for human blockhead, and otherwise risk bodily harm for the sake of twisted entertainment. The Annual Sideshow Gathering is the premier networking event for performers, fans, collectors, historians, and the curious.

This year marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of P. T. Barnum, the man who single-handedly created modern advertising and brought some of history's most celebrated human oddities to national prominence. Barnum knew how to indulge the public's curiosity and send them away satisfied and filled with wonder. It is in the spirit of Barnum that the Sideshow Gathering brings together many of today's best sideshow performers for a weekend of gasps, shrieks, and laughs.

Attractions at the 9th Annual Sideshow Gathering will include:
The weekend's emcees, Tyler Fyre and Thrill Kill Jill of The Lucky Daredevil Thrillshow — named “Best Sideshow Duo” by Washington City Paper; Chris McDaniel, the rope-spinning, whip-cracking, singing cowboy; Coney Island Chris, the hilarious one-man ten-in-one seen on America's Got Talent; Olde City Sideshow, featuring Danny Borneo, Martin Ling the Suicide King, and Reggie Bügmüncher; Harley Newman, professional lunatic; Cheeky Monkey Sideshow, featuring Swami Yomahmi, Mr. Eon, Mab Just Mab, and The Darwin Sisters; Magic Brian, outrageous comedy-magic and sideshow stunts; Doc Wilson, escape artist and medicine show huckster; bagpiper Patrick O'Brien; Mr. Crispy, who will be spending his honeymoon on stage; and many more! This year's event also welcomes special guest of honor A. W. Stencell, showman and author of Circus and Carnival Ballyhoo, who will receive the 2010 Ambassador of Wonder Award. Additionally, vendors such as James Taylor's Shocked and Amazed! will display freakshow memorabilia, rare books, and original show banners. Step right up to the Sideshow Gathering for a weekend of entertainment and diversion you won't soon forget!