Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nicola Black Design incorporates James Mundie photograph into new Dr. Sketchy's promo poster

James Mundie is pleased that one of his photos of the Philthy Britches' own Violet Temper was used by Nicola Black Design to promote the latest installment of Dr. Sketchy's Philadelphia — which will feature Violet and three other dangerous divas from the Philly Roller Girls on the model stand.

Tickets for the 18 April 2008 event can be purchased now through BrownPaper Tickets.

To see more roller derby action, check out James' pics on his Flickr pages.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Photographs from European medical museums

In 2007, James Mundie received a travel grant from the Center for Emerging Visual Artists in order to visit various medical and anatomy museums in Europe. In particular, he was interested in those museums with extensive teratology — the study of "monsters" — collections. During late January and early February 2008, James traveled to England, France and Holland drawing from and photographing (with permission of the curators of each institution) interesting specimens. This is seed material for a new body of work titled Cabinet of Wonders.

James took thousands of photographs on this trip, and you can see a small sampling of these images here.

Image: Hyperostosis (Musée Dupuytren) © 2008 James G. Mundie