Monday, November 19, 2007

NEW: Le Pétomane t-shirt

Step right up and attire yourself in this fantastic tribute to one of the world's most unusual performers: Joseph Pujol — known on the stage of the famed Moulin Rouge as “Le Pétomane”, the Fartiste.

We kid you not. Pujol was hailed far and wide for the acoustic facilities of his rectum, which he manipulated to create all manner of sounds and left French audiences rolling in the aisles.

This illustration was originally created by James Mundie for volume 9 of James Taylor's Shocked and Amazed: On & Off the Midway, which is available now. But better than just reading about Pujol, you can proudly wear Le Pétomane emblazoned across your chest.

You may now purchase one for your very own through PayPal, or contact us to make other arrangements.