Sunday, October 14, 2007

You go away on vacation...

... and Caramel ceases to exist!

So, how weird is this? We hang Kate's show at Caramel on Wednesday, October 3rd, and we have the opening reception two nights later. Turn out is good and Kate sells a bunch of paintings (yippee!) — which is especially gratifying considering all the money that was spent on framing, advertising, etc. Everything seems spiffy, so on Saturday morning we leave for a week's vacation in Virginia.

We're still on vacation on Friday, October 12th, when I check the email and find a message from the new owner of Caramel — which it turns out shut its doors on Tuesday! What the...?! So, this show that was supposed to be up until Halloween was really only officially visible to the public for three days. Three days! We call the new guy to find out what's going on — because nobody from Caramel ever let on that anything like this was in the works — and basically we need to pick up Kate's work because they want to start gutting the place this week.

Jayzuz... you work really hard to be professional and put your best foot forward and somebody else comes along and screws up the whole thing. This happens time and time again in the art biz, so much so that we've come to expect that every exhibition will have some kind of colossal screw-up either by the gallery itself or a third party. But who winds up looking like a jerk? The artist.

Ah well, on the bright side, the people who bought paintings in the show are going to get them much faster than they expected, and we can spread some of the other paintings around to exhibition opportunities that just popped up.